Thursday, 18 April 2013

Ensuring consistency in German & French translation

With the advent of globalization, translation industry is booming and there is an ever increasing demand for translation of documents / software / websites from one language to another. Germany and France being two of the most powerful European nations, we shall be discussing the demand and quality assurance in French Translation Services and German Translation Services.

Any document which was originally written in French needs to be translated to English, if it is to be read by somebody in USA, UK or India and a native French speaker would rather prefer to read a document in French than reading its original English counterpart (Thus, highlighting the significance of English to French translation Services). Although there are multiple machine tools available online such as Google translate, Babylon etc, but none of them has been able to match the contextual, high quality translation done by professional human French translators. While these tools are mostly based on a word to word or at max, a phrasal translation, it is only a human who can understand the context of the document and ensure a relevant terminology and ‘flow’ across the translated document in French Translation.

Similarly, Germany is interacting with the world and is renowned for its automotive supremacy. Thus documents written in German which need to be read by a non-German speaker need to be translated to English, thus, necessitating German to English translation. For performing quality German Translation, professional German translators are available in the market who have rich experience in the translation industry.

In large documents/files/webpages there are same terms / phrases which keep repeating across the document and hence there is a dire need to ensure consistency. While the word ‘consistency’ might sound very simple, and it may seem, that ensuring consistency across large documents is a simple task, practically, it is not so. There are many chances that a large file is split across multiple German translators and each of them might use a different term or phrase (though correct) for the same source word. Thus, ensure a high quality consistent French translation is the task of a professional French Translation Company.  To ensure consistency, there are multiple options – a reviewer needs to review the complete file after translation, and ensure that the terminologies are consistent; a glossary of key terms can be prepared in the very beginning, so that all translators adhere to the same; there are CAT tools available in the market such as Trados, wordfast etc that help maintain consistency in the document and also increase translators’ efficiency. No matter what strategy we follow, the translated document should be accurate and consistent and should convey the exact meaning as the source.

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