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Technical translation – Quality is the key!

With the growing world economy, most businesses are traversing the geographical borders and setting up offices in other countries. Businesses based on technical work / research prepares technical documents which then need to be shared with the counterparts/clients in a country, speaking a different languages. For example – a technical document written in Germany would be written in German and if this is to be read by a person in London, then the same would be needed to be translated to English, thus necessitating, German to English Technical Translation Services.   

Document Translation is a part of Technical Translation, as a tech translation might invoice documents, images, software’s, websites etc. Anything that involves technical content and has technical content comes under the purview of Technical translation Services.  

There are many companies in the market that do such work. However, a professional Technical Translation Company   knows the relevance of quality. A tech domain might include engineering, machine manuals, aeronautical content, medical content, automotive, software user manuals etc. Thus, we can simply imagine the significance of quality here. A slight error in the translation of an automotive document might lead to a faulty design, thus leading to injuries or even in extreme cases, loss of life!

Each Document Translation Company has its own policy of ensuring quality. But the one that is most robust leads to a quality technical translation. Now, let us begin with the basics. Tech translation is performed by technical translators who are experts in their respective domains. Thus, to ensure a fine quality, at the very first place, an appropriate domain expert translator must be deployed. Translation must be followed by a thorough quality check that will ensure that the context and consistency is maintained across the file.

It should be ensured that the tech translator does not use any automated machine tools that do a word to word translation. Usage of such tools severely deteriorates the quality of translation. To ensure proper consistency across the document, CAT (Computer Aided Translation) tools such as Trados etc can be used.

To sum up, technical translation requires a high level of expertise on the part of the technical translator and a rigid quality policy on part of the company.

At LanguageNoBar, our translators have a rich experience in providing Document Translation Services. We follow a three tier quality policy that ensures a high quality, consistent translation.