Sunday, 16 June 2013

Gaming Industry – Translation Becoming a Mandate?

With the economies booming and purchase power of people increasing, the gaming industry is blossoming. Millions of online gaming portals are up and running on the internet and owing to the accessibility of internet and computers to a vast variety of people, the traffic at these portals is increasing. Now considering that the gaming websites are accessible to everybody on this universe irrespective of the geographical location, thus, the language used in the website, pop ups etc again becomes an important parameter.

As gaming is more of a luxury industry, thus, anybody using a gaming website would like to have it ‘communicate’ with him/her in his/her local language. From the business point of view also, the more localized a gaming portal/software is, the more traffic it would attain! Thus, the demand for Game translation is on the rise. As such, translation agencies that can offer such gaming translation services are also coming up regularly. 

Another aspect of translation that is gaining prominence is business translation. As most of the businesses are expanding, thus business translation that encompasses a vast variety of domains including management, hr, sales, marketing etc is gaining impetus. 

In a nutshell, language barrier is one of the most basic hitches that comes across a business (in whatever domain) when it tries to cover a wider audience spread over geographical borders. And surpassing this barrier is the primary role of a global translation agency.