Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tips for Effective Technical Translation

Technical translation is a specialized field of translation, wherein the translator needs to convert technical content into a different language. The word ‘technical’ itself has an enormous scope and different domains such as engineering, medical, chemical, manufacturing etc come under the purview of technical translation, as translating into these domains requires special technical skills.

Below are a few important factors that can help ensure a translator or a translation agency providing quality technical translation:

1) A thorough knowledge of the domain is a must (ofcourse, the translator must have a solid hold on both the source and target languages).

2) Preferably the target language must be translator’s native language/mother tongue.

3) Consistency is a very important point in tech translation, especially in large docs, so the same translation must be used for a particular technical term across the document.

4) The subject must be understood properly and translation must be done as per the context, as many terms have multiple meanings.

5) Units/Measurements etc must be read properly and translated appropriately. A mistranslation here can be a blunder!

6) A thorough review/proofreading of the document must be done.