Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Career Opportunities in Translation – Oriya and Malayalam

Each year we have millions of candidates passing out of colleges with multiple dreams about their careers. With the world getting flatter and technology shrinking geographical borders, language translation or localization has become increasingly popular. Translation is performed by professionals who have a thorough hold on both the source and target languages and have a (mostly) formal training in localization.

In view of this, we have multiple institutions coming up, offering formal courses in translation. Thus, language translation seems like a booming career opportunity. In most of the cases, one of the languages in the translation pair is English, thus a sound knowledge of English is one of the primary requirements for any translator. In this blog we will discuss about such opportunities in two Indian states – Orissa and Kerala.  

Oriya is spoken across Orissa and with the growing industrialization in Orissa, the demand for English to Oriya translation and vice-versa is increasing rapidly. Thus, Oriya translation is emerging as a viable career opportunity for Orissa natives and Oriya speakers. Not only translation, but demand for transcription services is also increasing, thus transcription is also emerging as a viable career opportunity.

Malayalam is spoken across Kerala and Kerala being one of the most literate Indian states, most of the people have a sound written and spoken knowledge of the language. Moreover, many businesses are expanding to Kerala and many local businesses there are expanding abroad, thus, expediting the demand for Malayalam translation services. Many translation courses are run by multiple institutions (both govt and non govt) in Kerala, which provide handsome career opportunities to candidates.

Moreover, as translation work can be done from anywhere and (in most of the cases) does not necessarily involve the candidate to be present at an office premises, thus, the candidate can choose to work from home. This option is particularly useful for housewives.

Nevertheless, as for any other career path, a strong hold on the subject is a must for a candidate to excel. Needless to mention that translation is a lucrative career path that can open multiple avenues for candidates as they gain hold of it.