Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Indian regional languages - the demand is rising!

India being a land of diversity, there are over 30 languages (let alone variations in dialects of the same language) spoken across the country. Despite the fact that Hindi is our national language, there are many parts in the country (especially down south) where people have trouble understanding Hindi. Thus, a communication (whether written or verbal) between different parts of the country itself faces a communication barrier! Thus, the need for translation services.

With the geographical borders shrinking through technologies (emails/phones etc), eliminating such language barriers becomes the utmost priority! Let us take an example of two Indian states - Kerela and Orissa. While Kerela is towards the southern part of the country, Orissa is towards the central eastern portion. The languages spoken in both these states are different.

Malayalam is spoken throughout Kerela and thus, any document that needs to be shared with/from Kerela needs Malayalam translation services. Let us say, a document was created in USA and needs to be read by somebody in Kerela (who doesnt understand English). Such doc would need to be translated to Malayalam, thus, necessitating the need for English to Malayalam translation services.

Now coming to Orissa, Oriya is the language spoken and thus, we can clearly understand the significance of Oriya translation services. Owing to the advent of globalization and hence the increasing demand for such services, many translation companies are coming up. However, as mentioned in one of our earlier blogs, choosing the right translation company, is a job well worked out!