Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Website/Software Localization – technical experts are a mandate!

Most of the businesses are now trying to expand across geographical borders and thus, international business demands localization or simply translation of content into a language spoken by another nation. As we all know, website is the first face of a company and thus, a clear and simple understandability of any website is a must. Now, every human being, preferably, wants to read a content written in his/her native language. Thus, a website written in the native language of a prospective client is far more beneficial and ‘sales oriented’ than written in a third language. Thus, the need for website translation.  Similarly, a software localized into users native language is far more ‘user friendly’.

Website localization is not merely document translation. The source for website localization is normally html / php or any other web format which must be understood by the translator or a technical expert in an agency who can then explain the translator. Another very important point in website translation is that the translation must be done keeping in mind the culture and common jargons of the target language. This helps the reader ‘relate’ to the website. Thus, a company offering website translation services should have on-board technical experts and should employ native translators who not only know the target language but also understand its culture.

Any software these days is being converted into multiple languages. Again, here a tech know how is very important as the software code has many sections that need to be left as they are and some need translation. Besides the cultural importance (cited above), another important point in software translation is the attractiveness or ‘catchyness’ of the phrase used as many a time one or two word UI content needs to be translated. Thus, offering software localization services involves creativity besides a technical understanding of software.

In a nutshell, a person using the software or viewing a website should be able to feel – at – home. If this happens, then the purpose is served!